Inspired by the mechanics of threaded wooden toys and the infinite possibilities of origami, we were able to develop our ultra modern lamp using materials we love. Influenced by designers like Noguchi and Nelson, we worked hard to make sure every detail was both beautiful and functional. We set out to make LAMPO something we could afford for our own homes. 


Thoughtful design for illuminated living.



Lampo is the lamp that comes in a tube – it can go anywhere and light up any room.

It’s made with quality materials and is easy to assemble and break down. Marrying age-old techniques with contemporary design, it's an instant classic.

Threaded woodwork and an origami lampshade create a lamp that’s as
beautiful as it is smart.


Make it your own

Two sizes, four colors – mix and match to suite your style.
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materials that matter

We'll let you in on a little secret – maple's the new super wood.
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All you need is two hands
and five minutes.
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Mustard with that?


Our twisted cloth covered cord comes in four great colors: white, mint, mustard, and red. Coordinate your Lampo with your red couch, your white carpet, your mint slippers, or your mustard cushions. We’re all a little different and your Lampo can be too.



Meet the Lampo family.

There are two lamps in the Lampo family, Table Lampo and Floor Lampo. 
Table Lampo is perfect for a desk or bedside table. Floor Lampo is an ideal reading light,
designed to sit at the arm of your favorite chair or to brighten up that dark corner.


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Lampo’s personality comes from the
character of its well-chosen materials.


Every detail has been carefully considered to create a lamp that is elegant and purposeful.


Maple is the new super wood.

Well, we think so. Chosen for its strength and durability, maple is the ideal wood
to showcase traditional threading techniques - allowing Lampo’s legs to screw directly
into the maple baseplate rather than requiring additional hardware.


We heart paper.


…Especially Washi paper from Japan. Unlike ordinary paper made from wood pulp that tends to break and rip easily, Washi paper is made with the long fibers from the bark of the gampi tree and the paper mulberry. These long fibers make Washi paper durable and flexible – so it can take a fold really, really well. It's tactile quality yields exquisite light. Combine these characteristics  and you’ve got the perfect material for the Lampo shade.

Each shade is meticulously folded by hand to ensure quality and craftsmanship. 


No more flat-pack nightmares.


A lamp is a simple object, so it should be simple to assemble. Lampo is tool and hassle free – easy to build and take apart. All you need is two hands and about five minutes.