Stories: Valery's Brooklyn Home of "Renewal and Growth"

Name: Valery
Location: Brooklyn Heights — Brooklyn, New York

This space is important to me in so many ways—it is my first apartment on my own after the end of my marriage—a home and respite for myself and my 5 year old son; emblematic of renewal and growth. I aimed to create a space that exuded warmth, and took advantage of the aerie third floor location—which gives the impression of living amongst the trees. In fact, my son Peregrine and I are often awoken in the mornings by the cooing of birds—-and have taken to setting our clocks to theirs.

I am a lover of the tactile and natural materials, and have filled my apartment with works by local artisans. One of my favorite pieces are my LAMPO desk lamps, which were designed by dear friends and are entirely hand crafted—in addition to being beautiful, they provide a light that is incredibly inviting.

I shopped many neighborhood Brooklyn stores to fill the space. The colorful set of Mid Century Thonet dining chairs were found on a casual afternoon of browsing at Holler & Squall, and bought in a near frenzy-I couldn't believe my luck! I have felt this way about much in my life since moving to this apartment: beauty coming to me in moments of good fortune—while hardly searching.

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